GIS Resumes

Our Mission

From Chris Akin, GISP, Founder of GIS Resumes:

"My mission with GIS Resumes is to give you the ability to craft an effective, professional resume that showcases your accomplishments, sets you apart from other candidates, and helps you land that perfect job.

I started GIS Resumes after years of reviewing hundreds of resumes. Most resumes are vague and ineffective, lack detailed accomplishments, and are poorly put together. These resumes didn't tell me why I should bring this person in for an interview, nonetheless hire them. I couldn't envision transferring the candidates' previous experience into my organization, mainly because they did not demonstrate their achievements in a clear, concise manner. Their bullet points didn't tell me anything of significance.

GIS Resumes is my chance to pass on what I have learned as to what makes an effective resume. There is a critical technique to crafting a quality resume. With my experience a Hiring Manager, I can tell you what catches my attention and makes me perk up.

GIS Resumes offers one-on-one, personalized services to help you move into the next stage of your professional career."