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"What Have You Accomplished?" Article in Esri's ArcNews

April 10, 2018 | Blog

The latest GIS Resumes article is published! Check out Chris Akin's "What Have You Accomplished?" in the Esri Arc News Spring 2018 issue. Over 900,000 ArcNews subscribers should have received the paper copy...pretty exciting from our end!

Here's a preview:

What Have You Accomplished?

By Chris Akin, Dunaway Associates and GIS Resumes

"At some point, everyone looks for a job, whether straight out of college or partway through a career, voluntarily or involuntarily. In standard hiring practices, all job applicants have to submit a résumé—through a human resources department, a colleague, or even a friend.

This résumé is a job candidate’s one shot at making a first impression. The right one can land someone a job interview. The wrong one can put anyone straight into the “no” pile.

So what makes a strong résumé? For starters, résumés need to highlight accomplishments, not previous responsibilities. To ensure that your résumé actually does this, here are some tips I have compiled after sifting through countless résumés over the years."