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LinkedIn has become the new modern Rolodex. According to an April 2017 post by Aatif Awan, Vice President of Growth & International Products, LinkedIn now has 500 million users worldwide:

"This community represents 10+ million active jobs, access to 9+ million companies, and with more than 100,000 articles published every week it's helping you stay informed on the news and views impacting your professional world. A professional community of this size has never existed until now."

- Aatif Awan, LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the go-to way to connect and engage with your professional network. It's your opportunity to highlight your background, skills, and interests. An effective LinkedIn profile can help you stand out just as much as a great resume. The two are not mutually exclusive, each one benefits from the other being well-crafted, complete, and professional.

We'll know your resume inside and out and can create a complete, effective LinkedIn profile to showcase your background.

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