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Chris Akin is the real deal. He radically transformed my resume and helped me to advance my career by showing me how the modern day job search works. I was getting frustrated because nobody was calling me for interviews.

Chris pointed out that what I was doing was not effective and I needed to work smarter and not harder. If it wasn’t for Chris, I wouldn’t be on LinkedIn.

First, he really listened to me to understand my ideal job and the industry I was interested in. He then looked at my resume and reconstructed it to fit my industry.

He gave me practical tips that I still use today! The best takeaway for me was instead of just writing job descriptions about my past jobs, I added bullet points under the job roles with measurable accomplishments.

Thanks to Chris’ intervention, I started getting interviews and I got hired!

- Geoff T, Providence, RI

I thought my resume was the best I could do until Chris Akin took a look at it. He challenged me to pay attention to the smallest details and get the most impact out of every word. His process turned my interview statements into compact examples of the best I had to offer.

He complimented his resume building experience with a mock interview process that really made me think about how I wanted to explain my experiences.

- Robert W, Fort Worth, TX

My cookie cutter resume looked like the resumes of many other recent graduates. Chris taught me a better resume structure which made more efficient use of space and my accomplishments.

Chris strategically identified additional achievements for my resume by exploring my software skills and highlighting the benefits that came from my work.

- Everett N, Houston, TX

It had been almost 20 years since I have written a resume so I was starting with nothing. Chris had me write down anything of significance I could think about from the past 20 years.

As we went through the things I had written down, Chris would ask me questions an employer would ask about each item and that would get me to thinking about how relevant each item was at showing my qualifications and accomplishments to an employer. It would also start me thinking in a different direction and giving me more items to write down. After going through this process a couple of times, I was able to thin out enough data fit on a resume that best described my qualifications and accomplishments.

Chris was great to work with. He provided excellent knowledge about what employers are currently looking for in a resume. I have had several employers comment on the quality of my resume while looking for a job, and there is no greater test of a resume than to submit it to an employer and have them compliment it.

I would highly recommend Chis to anybody wanting to write their first resume or refresh an old resume.

- Lee F, Springtown, TX

The aid I received from Chris has helped to completely transform the way I write my resume. After being very unsatisfied with the way I had been creating my resumes, since almost high school, I’m so pleased with the results.

My resume now reflects the incredible accomplishments I’ve managed throughout my career, and presents the information to potential employers in a format they can’t ignore. Thank you Chris!

- OP, Garland, TX